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Why should you work with It Takes Three Mediation?

  • Work with Denise from initial filing of divorce to finalizing the divorce
  • One point of contact for both parties throughout the process
  • Denise helps with all paperwork
  • Less expensive than working with attorneys
  • Virtual/Zoom appointments are available
  • Help your family move on, legally and emotionally
  • Reduce conflict that can destroy your family emotionally, financially and spiritually
  • Put together a plan that will help your family move forward after the separation process

Divorce Mediation

divorce mediation mckinney tx

Divorce mediation is an alternative for couples with or without attorneys and is less time consuming, less expensive, and less confrontational than traditional divorce.

Divorce Coaching

divorce coaching mckinney tx

Before filing for divorce or during the divorce process, you may have questions that will help you make decisions and optimize your time if using an attorney.

Marital Coaching

marital coaching mckinney tx

Marital coaching is a method of helping couples who are experiencing marital problems and who would prefer to stay together rather than get divorced.

Denise Coggiola
Degreed Mediator B.B.A., MA Dispute Resolution

The pain while going through separation, divorce or marital conflict can destroy you and your family emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Denise Coggiola can help you and your family move forward at these most difficult times of your life.

Many people don’t know that they have options to having to retain attorneys to complete their divorce and settle sensitive and emotional conflicts.

Denise Coggiola understands that many disputes are not battles to be won, but problems to be solved.

More about Denise…

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Before you take your chances in court, see if I can help!