The pain while going through separation, divorce or marital conflict can destroy you and your family emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Denise Coggiola can help you and your family move forward at these most difficult times of you life.

I Love You But Please Change

Marital Relationship Advice – I Love You, But Please Change

    Fortunately, even if you are in a relationship or marriage, that’s heading in a bad direction, their are strategies that can set you and your partner on the right path again.  This article offers marital relationship advice which points out overcoming a gridlock as an important key to putting the relationship back on…

If I already have a lawyer, why do I need a Mediator?

Mediators and attorneys are partners in the legal process. Regardless of the stage of a dispute–whether it’s already in litigation or not there yet–mediation can make a difference. Mediation provides: 1. A framework to negotiate. Most attorneys don’t have any real training in negotiation. Mediators are negotiation experts who understand how to turn the parties…