Denise Coggiola

At the age of 47, Denise left a successful career in sales to become a professional peacemaker, relationship coach, and mediator – thus It Takes Three Mediation was created. She had spent 25 years in strategic sales positions selling to major corporations, negotiating with customers, and helping companies resolve business conflicts. Although she had a successful sales career, she had a desire to do something more and make a difference. She began a new career being an instrument of peace.

Her prior career and life experiences put her at an advantage because conflict resolution is more than a single skill. It combines many human skills, such as the ability to listen, articulate, advocate, empathize, analyze, and facilitate all while managing and caring about people and their problems, issues, and values. These are life skills that Denise puts into practice as a mediator and relationship coach.

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In your personal or professional life, you experience conflict too, and Denise will take the time to consider the uniqueness of your situation. She will always consider all of the perspectives of a situation in order to help move conflict to resolution and peace. Her dedication to being a professional peacemaker is driven by her belief that peace within each of us and peace within our relationships is our single highest achievement in life. She chose this profession to help people in their darkest hours and bring peace and harmony into their lives.

Denise believes that resolving conflict is not by chance but by a process. She embraces conflict and looks at it as an opportunity to foster change. How powerful it is to know that conflict and change is good! You can be confident that you have someone on your side who you can trust to walk with you on this path of change.

Denise knows that life throws some curveballs. She said, “I did not plan to be a single mom to a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old at the age of 30, but with faith and hope I discovered that more often than not, what at first appeared to be roadblocks and setbacks were actually the very things that got me where I was meant to be.” She truly believes that God places all of us in our current situations and future situations for divine reasons. Only by completing these experiences with a full heart and mind will you able to accomplish your divine mission, too.

Current Professional Memberships and Activities

  • Volunteer Mediator, SMU Mediation Center at Legacy
  • Volunteer Facilitator for DivorceCare Seminars
  • Member, Conflict Resolution Network, Dallas/Ft. Worth
  • Member, Dallas Chapter of Texas Association of Mediators

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