Elder/Adult Family Conflict Resolution

Stop fighting over the care of an aged parent or parent's estate. Mediation can help. Family issues concerning an elderly or deceased parent can sometimes be the most difficult to manage. Peaceful mediation can be effective.

Families can be torn apart if family members don’t work to keep them together. There are many times when siblings walk away rather than go through the process of working out differences.

Because there is not a traditional legal setting to address these emotional issues, mediation can be the best way to resolve family conflicts. It can also help siblings establish a plan and a better communication system for the future years.


As a Degreed Mediator, Denise will help you to address:

  • Health/Medical Care Decisions
    Who should provide the care? What care is needed? Who should make medical decisions?
  • Financial Decisions
    How should money be spent? How should investments be handled? Concerns over “unwise spending”, etc.
  • Living Arrangements
    Where? With whom? Who decides? How much independence/supervision?
  • Communication Issues
    What information is needed or missing? How to share information with those who need it?
  • Family Relationships (New or longstanding)
    How should the family deal with sibling rivalries, new spouse or companion, death of spouse/caregiver, other changes in relationships?
  • Decision Making
    Who should have authority to make decisions? What input (if any) should others have?
  • Respite Care and Support for Caregivers
    Personal, household care and maintenance. Identify caregivers/service provider: What type of care/service is needed?

Sometimes children have a difference of opinions when it comes to caring for their parents. Denise can help you find common ground.