Marital Coaching

Mediation to Stay Married

People often “jump the gun” when they are having marital problems. Their minds immediately go to the idea of divorce, because they see and know of no other option.

Marital coaching is a method of helping couples who are experiencing marital problems and who would prefer to stay together rather than get divorced.

Often people don’t know where to turn when marriage counseling “doesn’t work.” Mediation offers practical, developing solutions in relatively short time frames. This process helps develop concrete solutions to assist the couple to overcome the immediate crisis and go to the next step.

Mediation to stay married does not seek to delve deeply into the past or interpersonal, psychological issues of the couple (or its individual members). Through mediation a couple can develop concrete plans or modes of action that can be helpful to address their marital problems and move the relationship forward.

As a marital mediator, Denise can help a couple with:

  • Communication
  • Fighting/understanding each other’s views
  • Financial issues
  • Debt/spending/asset protection
  • Possibility of having a postnuptial agreement

What people often don’t know is that marriage skills can be taught and learned. The difference between a marriage that lasts and one that breaks down is generally the success of this learning process.

For more information on marital mediation, you can read Mediation to Stay Married.

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