In the context of emotional, often uncomfortable, and challenging circumstances, Denise provided reassurance that the issues would be carefully absorbed and equitably resolved. When the waves were roughest, Denise brought the level down and kept the communication flowing, ensuring that both parties were treated respectfully and fairly, counseling to prevent disputes from disrupting the primary objective, an amicable settlement. While no one gets everything they want, Denise applied her mediation expertise such that my wife and I felt we were presented with solutions that made sense and would make future decisions regarding finances, child welfare, and household matters workable and productive. We owe a large debt of thanks to Denise for helping us navigate through this difficult time.

Chuck A

Instead of going thru attorneys, we opted for mediation and I am glad we did. Denise was professional but also caring. She took care of both of us and our individual needs as well as needs as a family. She is very thorough and has a process that works. From our individual meetings to our group sessions to some calls in-between, her methodology and active listening skills helped us move the process along. She helped us bridge gaps in a methodical way that helped the process be more effective. Obviously this is an emotional time, and her caring spirit helped us get through the tougher chats all in the goal of getting us to the next level and ending our marriage on solid footing (which sounds off, but is true). Be open to the process and let her do what she is good at.

Ann A

Very efficient and has connection with mortgage broker, CPA and an attorney so when you go to the court, you are ready.

Orsan O.

Denise Coggiola was my mediator for my divorce. Denise ALWAYS demonstrated very skilled, professional abilities in terms of her knowledge about divorce and mediation. She coupled her skills with great sensitivity and used a very kind but professional voice which helped me to feel trust worthy of Denise to share my true feelings with her. This kept my husband and my emotions in balance and less confrontational. I found Denise’s mediation process was more successful than using attorneys.

Wendy W.

Denise helped me and my wife through an amicable divorce. She guided us through the necessary paperwork and red tape, and greatly helped to reduce the stress that is related to this life changing event.

David B.

Mediation was a good choice for our family. Denise guided us through the entire process and helped a stressful situation be a little less stressful.

Amy B.

Having recently divorced, I would highly recommend using Denise as your mediator. The divorce process is very emotional, stressful and a painful time for all. Dianna helped us through this process in a professional, timely, and gentle way. Instead of going through attorneys to fight it out, not to mention the extra cost, she helped us through the process quickly and efficiently.

Gayla W.

Was professional and gave very good instructions and details explained every step and reason behind.

David H.

Denise showed patience and calm during a very stressful time. She provided accurate guidance in mediating a divorce that was difficult with temperamental client. The process was completed timely and efficiently. Thank you Denise!

Sue M.

A very pleasent expierence. She took the time to explain the process to myself as well as the other party. I liked the fact that you could call if you had any questions with no problems.

Dava S

Denise was very patient and professional throughout what is the toughest times in many peoples lives. When emotions became high and voices raised Denise would listen to all sides and allow each of us to make our points and then give us time to reflect on the others points. All important documents and dates were provided by Denise to ensure smooth transition. I have and will continue to recommend her services to others.

Chris P

When you are going through a divorce, there are so many things to do and emotions you are going through. I was fortunate to find Denise and use her as our mediator. It’s not all business with her; she cares about the feelings of both parties. She is unbiased and helps both of you to realize the compromise that needs to be made when dividing your assets. Denise also has so much more to offer with the classes and counseling! I was blessed to have her as a mediator and I know you will be too!

Victoria B

Denise was very helpful during our mediation process. She heard both sides needs and made sure neither left unhappy. She also helped with the write up of the divorce decree which helped from having to find a lawyer on our own.

Chris B

Truthfully divorce is tragic, and unfortunately I got separated and divorced. Finding Denise was a great option for two adults who didn’t want to fight or spend all our life savings on attorneys. I thank God for Denise and her services. She takes an excellent approach and advises you through every step. She made me feel very comfortable through the toughest and most painful process imaginable. She was very personable and I would recommend her without hesitation. Thank you Denise.

John B

I was looking for mediation services in the McKinney, TX area when I stumbled across Denise’s website. Once I read the positive reviews I decided to contact her via email and received a call back the next day. Starting with the first conversation I felt I was in good hands. Denise is very kind and understanding while still being straight forward and honest in her approach. She is very sincere, laying out the pros and cons of a prospective divorce and possible alternative options if desired by the couple. Her openness led to me trusting her. I felt very save discussing all personal matters leading to the situation with her, while not being afraid or shy, which is very important when going through this process. She is a true mediator and not biased towards any party. Her compensation is very reasonable and she is upfront with the fees associated for her services and there will be no surprises. While a divorce is not a glorious event by any means, Denise and her service helped to navigate through it. I highly recommend her.

Michael R

Denise helped my family through a divorce, which was a very difficult and stressful time. I really appreciated her approach and attention to detail. I met Denise after she was recommended by a friend, and I have already recommended her to several others.

Brett H

Denise is truly a compassionate individual who can guide and help couples through the difficult process of divorce. Without hesitation, I would recommend Denise to any couple who is open to the idea of a mediated divorce process.

Gary G

Denise was a wonderful and delightful mediator during our time together. While we all were in a low point in our life’s, she helped me see that there was a future. I will always be indebted to her.

Cindy T

I was introduced to Denise through DivorceCare, a class I was taking to help process my recent separation and subsequent divorce. She was able to look through all of my divorce papers and documents with a fine-toothed comb and help me discover some flaws in the decree. She counseled me in how to approach the subject with my ex-spouse and how to work through it. Everything went smoothly and without a hitch. Denise and I were able to meet in the comfort of her home, professional, private, and non-distracting. I was so clueless with the details of the decree and Denise was able to walk me though each piece, analyze it, and then give me feedback based on MY best interests. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who maybe feels lost emotionally or is not understanding the decree and its full consequences once signed. She helped me understand my divorce decree and what each piece means and I owe it to her to feeling at peace with the final signed papers.

Kristin F

I’m confident that if my former spouse would have stayed committed to the guidance and process of Denise’s work with us and ministry to us, we would had a much higher probability of resolving our conflicts and returning to counseling to help save our relationship. At the very least, Denise would have guided us down the difficult path of divorce with much less heart ache and financial strain than we experienced with attorneys.

Ted D

Denise was truly a vital role in the saving of my marriage and family. My wife and I were in the process of filing for divorce by the time we chose to seek Denise’s expertise. Luckily, for us, it was not too late. With her guidance and skill set we were able to find the right solution for us and our family. Denise never pushed any solution on us, but rather continually pushed for us to work together to find the right answers. Her services are highly reccommended to anyone who may find themselves in similar cirumstances.

Sean R

Divorce was not what I initially wanted and I felt like I would be at a disadvantage, because I knew very little about divorce, while my ex-husband’s family had been through many divorces, and because my ex had been the one to initiate Denise’s services. But Denise quickly put me at ease, explaining that usually one spouse is emotionally further down the path to divorce than the other, and that she is here to serve both of us, that her mission is to make this very difficult time less hurtful and damaging to both of us and to our children. Not only did Denise work out the financial and visitation aspects of our divorce, she also helped us constructively voice our feelings about how we arrived at her doorstep. Through her guidance, professionalism, and expertise, our divorce was completed with a minimum of scar tissue. We cannot erase the pains of the marriage, but we are not weighed down by what could have been a nasty divorce. Denise is a blessing!

Carol B.

Sometimes life delivers good fortune. This occurred when we happened to meet Denise Coggiola. Engaging Denise caused a significant direction change away from expensive, adversarial Attorneys skilled at creating disharmony while generating fees. Every couple that decides to divorce will be well-served to try mediation with Denise before going down the Attorney-versus-Attorney road. Denise has mastered a skill of being a neutral party. With a simple flip-chart in her comfortable office, she helped us fashion a win-win divorce settlement. Denise also kept our process efficient and applied enough discipline to keep the process from wandering around and back-tracking. My best endorsement is that I recommend Denise to friends.

Robert J.

When my wife and I first decided that we wanted to get divorced I contacted Denise on the advice of a friend. We met with Denise and decided that we would try to save the marriage through the marital coaching services she provides. Ultimately, we decided to divorce and using Denise as our divorce mediator. While it would have been great if we could have saved the marriage, the knowledge that I had done everything I could gave me a sense of closure. Because, I believe that my ex-wife also tried her best, we were able to have an amicable divorce and remain friends. Much of that has to do with the guidance that Denise provided. I highly recommend Denise and hope everything works out in your marraige. Peace and Love to all.

Chad S

Thank you very much for everything you have done for us through the divorce process. Your services have been invaluable!

Client C

Thank you for guiding us and coaching us through this divorce!

Client K

Thank you for all your work in seeing me through to this next phase of my life. You truly made the transition smoother and less stressful for me and I thank God for your services.

Client D

Denise was very compassionate and helped us get to an understanding with our divorce.

Client Veronica C

Denise completely helped us save our marriage and work through the issues we were having. We initially tried counseling and it just didn’t seem to give us the answers we were needing. Denise’s approach to putting each person’s issues on the table was extremely effective for us. We both knew we wanted to do everything possible to save the marriage and Denise gave us hope that we would be able to make it work. It has been over a year since we worked with Denise and our marriage is better than ever.

Client A

You were extremely effective, and you were able to keep the momentum going to enable us to resolve a number of complicated issues. The atmosphere was very comforting in your home office, and made it much more pleasant than the typical office setting. Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Plano Attorney

Denise proved to be an empathetic and consummate professional. The money saved by avoiding expensive legal fees was very significant. As you can imagine, with two children, the conversations became contentious. Yet when we signed the mediated agreement, my relationship with my soon to be x-spouse was better than before the mediation started. For me, that says it all.

Client D

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you! I appreciate you taking a moment to tell me how my services have helped you and how they would benefit others in your circumstance. Please fill out the form below. I will not print your name on the testimony.

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